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HallowWeek 3: Zombies!
By Goth Kitty Lady Posted in Halloween, Writing on 11 October 2021 137 words
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Of course, if you follow what’s going on on The Happy Page, you’d already guessed what this week’s theme was going to be. That was the cutest zombie you’ve ever seen, right? Admit it, you’d still pet him. You’d probably tie someone’s finger to a string and get him to chase it, and then he’d catch it and gnaw on it while making tiny little greedy growls and you would coo over how adorable he was.

As a little bonus today, there’s also a new and very short story over on Miscellany called “When the Snow Falls,” and the first part of a much longer (and gorier) HP story, One Day in Surrey, posted to AO3 as well. Enjoy! And watch out for bitey dead people this week…or bitey dead kittens, depending on where you’re at.¬†

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