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By Goth Kitty Lady Posted in on 1 April 2016 246 words
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Stories listed here may contain adult language and situations.
Recommended reading age is teens and up.

front cover for In the Land of Stories Old In the Land of Stories Old

It is a wondrous place, the Land of Fairy Tales, if sometimes a bit predictable. But that is only the beginning of our story.

Genre: Fantasy, Fairytale
Fandom: Red Shoes and the Seven Dwarfs (AU)

A Mouse in the Wall cover A Mouse in the Wall

Marty saw the Men take his mama away, and now they’re coming for him. Can he find a new place to hide where the Men and the City Lady won’t find him?

Genre: Urban fantasy

Houdenville cover Now Entering Houdenville

Houdenville. A small town that’s supposed to be in Johannis County – although the county would appreciate it if you didn’t tell anyone that. They really just don’t want to deal with it.

Genre: Urban fantasy.

Miscellany Miscellany: A Hodgepodge of Fiction

Random bits of fiction—there’s a little bit of everything in here!

Genres: Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror, Crime/Detective Fiction

Stories on AO3 cover Stories on AO3

A list of all of my stories (written under the pen name Setcheti) that are currently hosted on Archive of Our Own.

Honk cover Honk (UBL—Free)

It seemed to Tamara that the geese and ducks were looking for something. Or maybe only one of them was.

Genre: Urban Fantasy, Fairytale

A Wolf in the Woods cover A Wolf in the Woods (UBL—Free)

The First Minister is dead. The prince is insane. And there’s a man-killing wolf in the woods…or is there?

Genre: Fantasy, Fairytale


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