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HallowWeek 2: Monsters!
By Goth Kitty Lady Posted in Halloween, Update on 4 October 2021 141 words
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From sweet to NSFW this week on the Halloween Page, starting with yesterday’s cutesy demon video on the Happy Page. If you want a take on that idea that’s a little more…realistic, try this excellent Harry Potter fanfic written by BrilliantLady.

The word monster means ‘of strange or unusual shape’, and can also mean ‘a person who is unusually cruel or vicious’. The two meanings are often conflated, which gives us the oft-used trope of ‘evil’ or ‘bad’ people/creatures also being ugly or otherwise frightening to look at. But there are plenty of stories that twist this trope around in one way or another, including two books I wrote that are more loaded up with creatures than a Syfy Channel weekend lineup. The upcoming third book in the series Moreau’s Children, may have even semi-accidentally gained some vampires. 😉


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