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Heart of a Hero
By Goth Kitty Lady Posted in Writing on 30 June 2016 142 words
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new_fic_postedI have good news and bad news.

The good news is, the first chapter of Heart of a Hero has posted on AO3, and I finally fixed that omg-this-got-dark problem the story was having so you do not have to worry about a horribly nasty surprise coming in the future.

The bad news for all of you reading Heart of a Hero is…Camp NaNo starts tomorrow, so the next part of the story may not post for a while. Like possibly for a month. Sorry!

In what may be more good news, though, my July Camp project is an experimental short-story thing I’m trying with multiple sets of Story Cubes, and I do plan to post the results here, so there may be some new stories showing up on GKG throughout July if everything works out. We’ll see, wish me luck!

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